Southampton 19/10/13

Failure to take our chances resulted in a draw which in all honesty was the fair result. Too many players are just not where they should be in terms of performance, coupled with a lack of confidence throughout the team. At least Van Persie got back on the scoresheet and confirmation that Januzaj signed a new contract were positives from the day. Shame Rooney couldn't play like he did for England.

WBA 28/9/13

Its going to be a long season if the last few games are anything to go by. Moyes clearly does not know his 1st XI and the nerves seem to be getting to the players. Kagawa being replaced at half time was a classic example. At least it will get rid of a few glory hunters as there wont be much of that for a while!

Liverpool away 1/9/13

Well it hasn't quite been the start we wanted and it remains to be seen if we will get any additions to the squad. Big games coming up in September with City and Liverpool again within 4 days of each other. So c'mon David Moyes...

Palace 14/9/13

3 comfortable points and a 1st home win for Moyes. He says he will speak to Young about the diving, I hope so...embarrassing and its all the media want to focus on. Good goal from Rooney. Hopefully Kagawa will play against Leverkusen on Tuesday.

Swansea 12/5/13

Amazing few days with Sir Alex's announcement, Scholesy following, Rooney deciding he wants out again (no real surprise), Wigan's late winner against City and then the presentation of the trophy, not forgetting a victory over Swansea with Rio's 1st goal in 5 years! A grand farewell to Fergie from Old Trafford.