Arsenal 3/11/12

Easy win in the end but should have been more against a poor Arsenal. Top of the league though so we can't complain!

Stoke 20/10/12

The man of the match votes taken on the coach were Rooney 12, Van Persie and Welbeck 10 each which confirmed their great performances. Still not running on all cylinders yet, conceding 1st again a prime example, but a win and 2nd place isnt bad so far!

Spurs 29/9/12

Not exactly unexpected given that we have not managed a decent 90 minutes so far this season. Great 2nd half, almost, but very poor in the 1st. Spurs were expert at the art of timewasting. Fergie ranted about the amount of injury time being an insult, but he was right.

Newcastle 7/10/12

Away win, clean sheet and 2 goals from corners. When did that last happen?? Great performance and a goal from Evra!

Liverpool away

Played poorly but 3 points again and I'm sure we'll happily take that, particularly against Liverpool. I cannot understand the moaning about the red card or the penalty. Class is permanent? Dont think so..