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This page will be updated on a regular basis with details of latest availability.

We receive an allocation of tickets for every weekend Premier League home game, but you must be an Official Member to travel with us. For more details of the membership scheme please go to www.manutd.com

NB - We do not accept match ticket only requests. Contact the Ticket & Membership Office if this is what you require

Please note we now have to apply for the tickets 12 weeks in advance of the game.

A few tickets are available to Official Members, often at short notice for most games so please enquire via the facebook page.

Coach bookings for ST holders and those travelling with their own ticket

ST holders who have made a coach booking can cancel up to 7 days before the game by advising the Secretary.

Cancellation after this time will result in the coach fare being charged unless there is a genuine medical reason or family emergency, which may be considered by the Committee. Other reasons such as change of work or family plans will not be eligible for a refund. The charge is to be paid at the next match attended, or by BACS transfer before the next match attended. The ST holder will not be able to attend subsequent matches until this has been paid.

This arrangement is made to ensure that ST holders see a coach booking as a commitment, and an obligation to pay, from the point of booking. Unlike other forms of commercial coach transport there is the possibility of cancelling up to 7 days before the game. This is seen as fair and helps to protect branch income for coach travel. It is also intended to reduce the often excessive workload for the Secretary in the 7 days before a game.

Please note that if your plans change in the 7 days before a game but someone else uses your ST and place on the coach there would be no charge to you.

If you have any questions please speak to a member of the Committee.

Match Ticket bookings by MUSC Torbay for you, with coach travel

The Torbay branch (Torbay Manchester United Supporters Club) can book tickets for games on your behalf directly with Manchester United, and can only do so if you are an official member of Manchester United.

Match tickets booked for you by the branch come with coach travel. We do not provide tickets only. If after booking you decide to travel independently or only use the coach one way you will still need to pay the coach fare.

If you cannot attend the game after making the booking you are liable for the cost of the ticket and the coach fare. Up to now Manchester United have allowed ticket cancellations up to 7 days before the game. If they accept a cancellation the cost of the ticket will be refunded. If a cancellation is accepted by Manchester United the branch will also accept a coach cancellation, provided it is at least 7 days before the game.

The Secretary may ask for a payment up front by BACS transfer for both match ticket and coach travel when you ask the branch to book a match ticket on your behalf.


1/12/19 - Aston Villa - Coach travel available - A few tickets are available 

15/12/19 - Everton - Coach travel available 

11/1/20 - Norwich - Coach Travel available

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